Prof. Stephanos Pesmazoglou

holds a chair in the Theory of Political Ideology and Public Policy at the Department of Political Science and History, Panteion University, Athens; Visiting Professor at Princeton University in 1999 and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS 2005). He held seminars in various research institutes and departments (among which N.Y. New School, Bogazici University (various times) etc.

His research, writing and teaching have focused on political, ideological and educational aspects of postwar South European societies (including the Balkan South East) and Turkey. His current research is on ‘The transformations of Modern Greek Mythology (19th and 20th century)’.

He is co-editor of the social sciences review ‘Synchrona Themata’ (affiliated up to 2001 with the European Review of Books Liber).

He has written numerous books, articles in journals and collective volumes. Some of his publications include: ‘Parallel lives’ in the European South (1986), Education and the Economy: The Asymptotic nature of a Relationship (1987, which won the 1989 Athens Academy award),Europe and Turkey: Reflections and Refractions. Textual Strategies in Academic Discourse(1993), Ideology and Rhetoric in Turco-European Relations (1994, winning the 1999 Ipekci award), Educational Exchanges and Technical Assistance: The Diplomacy of Ideas (1985),Kosovo, the double-edged ‘Hubris’. Surveillance and Punishment (in Greek, 2001; translation in Serbo-Croat) based on an initial article ‘Kosovo: La guerre de Troie n’a pas eu lieu’ published later in 2004 in Balkaniologie. Editor The Political, Economic and Social Implications of Greece’s entry into the EEC (1978) and Current Trends in Greek Historiography (1988), “Greek Universities: Europe during socio-political and Institutional constraints”, review Higher Education Policy, Isogan Page, vol. 5, n. 4 (December 1992), ‘Government Ideology and the University Curriculum in Greece’, in European Journal of Education, vol. 29, n. 3 (1994), ‘Inventing a Curriculum for the Social Sciences: Some Presuppositions for the Redefinition of Scholarship’, Higher Education in Europe, Vol.XXIII, No.4 (1998), ‘Some Fallacies in Perceiving Greek University Education’,in the edited vol. Greek Higher education. Prospects for Reform(Pella pub., 1998), ‘Patterns of studies in Greek Universities: A micro-level approach of four disciplines’, in the book Innovation and Adaptation in Higher Education, The Changing Conditions of Advanced Teaching and Learning in Europe edited by Claudius Gellert (London: Jessica Isingsley pubs, 1999), ch.9 ‘L’Universite Grecque: Paradoxes et problemes majeurs’ in Christophe Charle & Charles Souli (ed.) Les Ravages de la modernization universitaire en Europe (2007), ‘The Mythological foundations of the Greek Nation-State’ in Modern Greek Myths (Etaireia Spoudon Neoellinikis Paideias, 2007), ‘National and linguistic domination: Theories of nationalism and Language’ in Licht und Warme. In Memory of A-F. Christidis(Centre of the Greek Language, 2008).