Now in its twenty-third year, the Prize will be awarded once more to the author(s) of an original work, first published in 2019, written in (or translated into) English on a subject relating to, or inspired by, Hellenic civilization, culture, history or literature.

Subjects have always been unrestricted and cover the full spectrum of Hellenism from ancient to modern times. Since its inception in 1996, the Prize has been awarded to books on archaeology, architecture , art, classics , history, literary criticism, religion , social studies, as well as fict ion . The LHP seeks to recognize works of originality and excellence in any of these fields which appeal to the educated ‘general reader ‘.

The bursary of the Prize has been £10,000 since inception.

Over one hundred books are submitted each year and every effort is made to ensure that all important publications in English on Hellenism and Greece are taken into consideration . The winning or shortlisted titles are often translated into Greek and published in Greece , thus completing the Anglo-Hellenic cultural exchange which the Prize was founded to sup port .

Submission requirements

The only submission requirement is that two (2) copies of each book and a cover letter should reach us at:

The London Hellenic Prize

The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, London WlU SAS, United Kingdom

There is no limit to the number of eligible titles submitted by publisher s.

The Prize has no fees or forms but, for the sake of uniform publicity, all publishers are strongly encouraged to e-mail:

  • a high-resolution image of the front cover of each book submitted
  • a link to the book(s) on the publisher’s website

This process also helps to confirm the eligibility of submissions and to ensure that allowances can be made for delayed consignments.

The deadline for submissions for the 2019 LHP will be Monday, February 3-1- 2020

[extended from the usual deadline of 31st January].